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The North End Boutique & Hotel

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The North End Boutique and Hotel is a new business that recently opened their doors in Summer 2014. Located in the heart of Downtown Roanoke, Indiana, The North End includes a unique clothing boutique specializing in imported fashions and accessories as well as chic hotel suites all in one location. The owner was looking for a website that would carry the same visual aesthics that make their business unique while being able to showcase the latest fashion trends in-store as well as offering the ability to reserve their hotel suites all through the same website.

We were able to build them with a cutting-edge responsive website that could serve all of their needs as well as develop a social media program for them to help grow their business into new markets no matter if their customers found them on mobile, tablet or desktop devices.

  • Date Published: Summer 2014
  • Categories: Digital Marketing, Social Media, Web Design
  • Client: The North End Boutique & Hotel
  • Website: TheNorthEndBoutique.com


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